4 Outstanding Thrillers

The American Pearl

Patricia Pavlik is the most dangerous woman in America. That is, if only she could get back to America.
But the US government can't afford to let that happen.

Quintyn  Ames is 8,500 miles away, in America. He's a government researcher and  known to be a troublemaker. But Quintyn is determined to get at the  truth, and against all forces, try to bring Lt. Patricia Pavlik home. 

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Annie's Story

Annie Taylor Knows the darkest lie of all.

 Nineteen-year-old Annie Taylor knows the darkest lie of all. And that's  just half the story. But Annie wants the truth. The whole truth. Nothing  but the truth. No matter where it leads her.  

This is a startling  tale of sex and betrayal. It is also her day in court. The only court  that is left to her. The court of public opinion.

Annie's Story is  an immersive read with psychological twists, courtroom suspense, and an  ending that will sock you in the gut. It will haunt you with the reality  of things that can go wrong in justice. Very wrong. 

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Madeleine's Kiss

Of course I liked Madeleine. How could I not?

 But I didn’t do anything  to her. I’m a noted professor, for God’s sake! I helped Madeleine,  that’s all. 

Yes, I know she’s missing now, but I can explain that. I can  explain everything. I didn’t hurt her at all.

This is the story of what really happened to Madeleine 

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Operation Fantasy Plan

What happens when the CIA gets inside your mind?

Peter Gaines is dismissed from the CIA, and he doesn't know why. After 18 years, he now wants to get on with his life as a regular citizen.

But he can't, not yet. 

First he has to go back and undo a terrible wrong that he has done.  

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Peter Gilboy a former ditch digger, truck driver,  bartender, short order cook, soldier, counselor, intelligence operative and academic. He has  been in jail only once.

Peter almost always takes his meds.

Peter Gilboy lives in upstate NY with his dog, Dollar.

He can be reached at: